Employee Spotlight


Nina Richardson 

A native of San Jose, California, Nina Richardson radiates California Love with her bright & warm personality. Ms. Richardson graduated from Johnson C. Smith in 2014 and enjoys hanging out with friends and family in her free time. Though she has been on Mert’s Staff for just 4 months, her passion and appreciation of the family atmosphere transfers right to the top notch service she gives to our customers. :


What are some things you like about working at Mert’s?

I like the people I work with. I love the family atmosphere that Mert’s has. Before Mert’s I worked for a chain restaurant and when I came to Mert’s I noticed that it’s more than just a job working here. Everyone cares for the business and each other. I feel like I am family and part of something special.

Have you met any celebrities while working at Mert’s Yet?

I’ve seen a few football players but, every time i’m off it seems like all the celebrities and famous people come in. Maybe I should ask for more hours.

Describe some funny moments you’ve experienced while working here?

I really can’t remember many, but it is funny when some of the Servers trip over a rug while on the floor. We work really hard, so we enjoy joking around and giving each other a hard time.

What’s your favorite meal at Mert’s?

I love the Blacken Pork Chop with Mac & Cheese & Potato Salad Hands Down!!

What do you like about your customers?I like that fact that the customers really love Mert’s. They love the food, the atmosphere, the staff & everything Mert’s is about. Experiencing this as a server really gives me the drive to make the customers experience enjoyable.