ON Q Presents Blues People Season 6

On Q is excited to present its next phase of classic, contemporary and original performance works that reflect the black experience for the 2014-2015 main stage, Season 6: Blues People.

The theme for this season is dedicated to and based on the book of the same name by award winning playwright, novelist, critic and political activist, Amiri Baraka. Each production in Season 6, is a reflection of black peoples journey through America. As the Library Journal states, “Blues People: Negro Music in White America, is American musical history; It is also American cultural, economic and even emotional history. It traces not only the development of the Negro music which affected White America, but also the Negro values which affected White America.”

Just as Amiri Baraka expressed, On Q’s tribute to Blues People, will dig “deeper into the History of the people… The Music was the score, the actually expressed creative orchestration, reflection, of Afro-American life… An orchestrated, vocalized, hummed, chanted, blown, beaten, scatted, corollary confirmation of the history… Explaining the history as the history was explaining the music. And that both were the expression of and reflections of the people. “

For The Love of Harlem
book & lyrics by: Jermaine Nakia Lee
music by: Tyrone Jefferson & A Sign Of The Times
choreography by: LaTanya Johnson
directed by: Sidney Horton
October 8th- 12th & October 15th – 18th, 2014

FOR THE LOVE OF HARLEM, book, lyrics & original songs by Jermaine Nakia Lee, is the musical sensation profiling the lives of some of the brightest artistic visionaries of the Harlem Renaissance from Langston Hughes to Alberta Hunter. This period is referred to as the 1920’s – 30’s Harlem Renaissance (also known as the Black Literary Renaissance and the New Negro Movement). Nestled in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, this movement impacted the entire cultural spectrum; literature, drama, music, visual art, and dance. The Movement afforded unique ways to explore the historic struggles of Black America and the contemporary relevance of Black life in the urban North.

FOR THE LOVE OF HARLEM celebrates the courage, achievements, frailty and hardships of these creative ones; whose artistic contributions have had profound impact not only on African-American culture but redefined how America, and the world, views the African-American. FOR THE LOVE OF HARLEM takes us on a musical journey that shadows these brave artists who refused to be inauthentic, no matter what the Black or White public thought.